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Our warehouses are located inside the European Union, so the shipping period for some countries is more, than most people expect. Some people think, that a package can travel from Europe to USA (for example) for less than 10 working days, but that is just impossible. We never had any problems with lost packages, but they just don't travel as quick, as you may think.


We ship our packages using priority registered airmail, which is the fastest and the most expensive service that the posts offer. So the shipping time for all countries in Europe is between 10 and 20 days and for the rest of the world the shipping time is between 15 and 30 days. Almost all of the packages are delivered for the quickest possible time, but sometimes the posts have more work than usual (like christmas time for example), so they can travel more time than usual. But we always ship our orders within 24-48 hours.


Every priority airmail package is registered in a database (with a barcode) and it can not be lost.


We send the smallest decal sets in a letter envelope with a thick cardboard inside and the bigger sets are put between two thick pasteboards, because this prevents them from damages. However, some sets are having very long decals, so these kind of decals are sent in a hard tube.


Your decals will be shipped to the address, that you will write in your order details and not to the address you use in paypal, so make sure, that you provide your complete and correct shipping details when you are making a purchase, otherwise you will not receive your package.


After your decals have been sent, you will be notified about that and you will receive the number of your package.

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