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Price: 31.83

Kawasaki ZX-10R custom reflective white sticker set - this is a complete aftermarket decal set for the ZX-10R Ninja (all model years) and it includes all the decals for this bike.


Please note, that the decals look bright like on the first picture only when it is night and light is pointed at them! During daytime they do not look like that. On daylight they look much darker, like you can see on the other pictures!


The length of the logos is as follows:
- "Kawasaki" - 177mm (about 6.9 inches)
Big "Ninja" - 128mm (about 5 inches)
- Little"Ninja" - 80mm (about 3.1 inches)
- "ZX-10R" - 177mm (about 6.9 inches)


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Please look at "our decals" section for detailed description of all our products before you buy these Kawasaki graphics.