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Hello and welcome to Moto-Sticker!

Before you buy any of our products, please read the whole text below. It will take 5 minutes from your time, but you will understand what exactly do we offer and this will avoid any future misunderstandings.

In this website you can find the best aftermarket decals for your bike, which are as closest to the genuine ones as possible. However, the oem ones are from 4 to 8 times more expensive (depending on the country), so here is an alternative for you to get something, that looks almost identical, but it is offered for much better price. Of course these are aftermarket decals, so there will be some minor differences in the color and the shape, because the range of color vinyls available is not too big. some bikes have colors, that are impossible to match, so we just choose the closest vinyl possible. But you can be sure, that no one can offer you decals, that are closer to the OEM ones.


Our decals are not printed! They are cut from different types of self-adhesive color vinyl, so their colors will last forever. Yes - the OEM decals are printed, but they are printed on $100 000 machines, which only the big companies have. We want you to be satisfied with our product for a long time, and not just for a year. And that is exactly why we don't offer printed decals, because their colors fade much quicker. Water and sunshine can not damage our decals. You can be sure, that they will not fall or peel off after the first wash or after a few days on the sun. And that is something, that is often seen by many of the other products on the market (we have personally convinced ourselves of that).


And one other very important advantage of the aftermarket decals is that they can be clear coated. As you know, the OEM decals are on top of the clear coat of the bike, but when repainting your bike, you can put our decals under the clear coat and that will make them look even better. And most importantly – that way they will last forever!


It is not that we can not offer printed decals, it is just that we don't want to. There are only 2 negative sides of our decals – the first is that we can not make the colors fade from one to each other and the second is that the different vinyls are overlapped.


Our decals are made from the finest high quality self-adhesive vinyls and that is why we use only use two brands of vinyl – 3M and Oracal. These brands are considered as the best on the market.


Every decal that is made from more than one piece will be covered with transfer tape. This transfer tape will help you to place all the pieces of the decal to the bike perfectly. The 1-piece decals are not covered with transfer tape, because they should be applied using water and soap and in that case the transfer tape will be an obstacle. Along with every bigger set you will receive a gift - a professional squeegee, which is an irreplaceable tool for applying motorcycle graphics.


What you see on the photos here in this website is the actual item you will get. for sure you have seen many websites that show you just stock pictures of the decals they sell. why is that? Simple - they just don’t offer what they affirm to offer.


So you can be sure of one thing:

No one can offer you what you will find here. Our decals are maybe not the cheapest, but their quality and durability are matchless. We have been doing that for so many years and we know exactly what we are selling. After all, do you want your bike to look like crap only because you wanted to save 10-20 dollars?


Note: Please note, that all logos on our products are copyrighted by their respected owners and are used by us under license.