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Kawasaki ZX-6R custom royal blue sticker set this is a complete aftermarket decal set for the ZX-6R Ninja (all model years) and it includes all the decals for this bike.
The kit is made in custom color - royal (medium) blue.
The length of the logos is as follows:
- "Kawasaki" - 177mm (about 6.9 inches)
Big "Ninja" - 128mm (about 5 inches)
- Little"Ninja" - 80mm (about 3.1 inches)
- "ZX-6R" - 177mm (about 6.9 inches)
If you need a protector pad for the gas tank of your motorbike, please click here.
If you also need wheel stripes for your Kawasaki, you can find them here.
Please look at "our decals" section for detailed description of all our products before you buy these Kawasaki graphics.

Kawasaki decals and stickers

About us and our Kawasaki decals

MOTO-STICKER offers a large variety of decals and graphics for Kawasaki motorbikes. Kawasaki has a wide range of motorbikes, especially in the sport and supersport classes (we all know about the Ninja family with its famous lime green color models) and we are trying to offer to our customers quality replacement stickers for the main sport models in the Kawasaki family, like the Kawasaki ZX-6R,  Kawasaki ZX-7R, Kawasaki ZX-9R, Kawasaki ZX-10R and of course the "Hayabusa killer" Kawasaki ZX-12R Ninja.

These bikes have a lot of generations and variations and we try to offer complete sticker sets and graphics for most of them, especially for the older GPZ and ZXR models, which are already discontinued from production and are not offered from Kawasaki anymore.

As we mentioned, we do offer high quality replacement decals for almost every Kawasaki Ninja superbike, however, in MOTO-STICKER.COM you can also find complete replica decal sets for the other sportier models in the Kawasaki family. Decal sets for bikes like the Kawasaki ER-6n and ER-6f, Kawasaki ZZR 1400, Kawasaki Ninja 250R are also widely covered in our online store.  And we also offer complete replica sticker sets for most of the other street bikes in the Kawasaki family, like for example the Kawasaki Z750 and Z750S, Kawasaki Z1000, Kawasaki ZR-7S and the Kawasaki Versys.

Decals for customization

Many people don’t want their Kawasaki to look exactly like all the others. They want to stand out from the crowd and they want customized decals for their Kawasaki. That is why in our store we offer a really large variety of custom Kawasaki sticker sets. You can find many decal styles, colors and looks for your Ninja, mainly if you own a ZX-6R (636), ZX-9R or the king of the Kawasaki superbike catalog - the ZX-10R Ninja. Most of our customized sticker sets are only consisting of logo decals, which means that they will work for your motorcycle, no matter which year or generation it is. We offer neon (fluorescent) decals, light reflective decals, chrome decals, “Graffiti look” decals, “leather look” decals, carbon fiber look decals, “camouflage look” decals and even pink decals for the ladies. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed! We also have a customer gallery in our website. There you can see pictures with many Kawasaki bikes, that have our replacement decals on them. That way you can see exactly how good our replica stickers are and how well they fit to various Kawasaki models. And remember – these pictures have been sent to us by our customers, who have taken photos of their own bikes after they have applied our decals by themselves. That is the best way for us to show our work and the quality of our decals.

Our Kawasaki replacement stickers and graphics for older models

In our store you can also find a lot of decals, that are already discontinued and can not be found in the Kawasaki dealerships. Replacement stickers and graphics for the older GPZ 500S Ninja or the ZXR 750 Ninja are available in our online store, so you don't have to worry about how will you restore your classic pride and joy. These graphics are hard to find, but we do offer them, so we can help their owners to restore the original beauty of their bikes and enjoy them for many years to come.

Kawasaki wheel stripes

And last, but not least – we also have a large variety of high-quality wheel stripes for most of the Kawasaki motorcycle models with 17-inch rims. You can find them in many colors (also reflective ones), so they can perfectly fit and complete the look of your Kawasaki, no matter if it is a Versys, Z1000, Z1000SX, Z750, Z800, ZX-6R, ZX-10R, ZX-14 or any other Ninja model.

We offer only custom alternatives to the original Kawasaki decals, but we offer them under license from Kawasaki and we only have top quality stickers, that you will not find anywhere else, especially for prices like this.

We love and respect the Kawasaki brand and we hope we are contributing as good as we can, so their bikes can look perfect, no matter how old they are. Kawasaki motorcycles should make you happy and their look should always be perfect.


About us and our Kawasaki decals

Decals for cusomization

Our Kawasaki replacement stickers and graphics for older models

Kawasaki wheel stripes

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